Realistic Caddis Pupae

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Caddis flies, Trichoptera or Sedge flies are an order of aquatic insects occurring around the world in rivers, streams, and lakes. About 15,000 species are known worldwide!

Caddis go through a complete life cycle of larva, pupa, and adult, and all these stages can provide excellent angling opportunities almost all year round.

The pupa or pupae stage may last for several days. The fully-formed pupa has a paddle-shaped pair of median legs fringed with hairs with which it can propel itself.

Some species swim up and hatch at the surface in open water, where they are readily available to the trout. Others undertake a longer journey, either to the shore or to emergent vegetation where metamorphosis into the adult takes place.

This pattern is a true, life-like imitation of a real caddis pupa.

It's carefully designed and tied to have the authentic look of a real insect and has a perfect weight so it drifts easily at mid-water, emulating the natural insect’s behavior when they start rising to the surface.


Price: 5.00 EUR

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