Realistic Golden Stonefly Nymph

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Stoneflies are a family of insects that are adapted to well oxygenated streams and rivers. Stonefly nymphs have fixed gills that can only extract oxygen in moving water.

Stonefly nymphs are one of the best attractor fly patterns of all time. 

This is a very realistic Golden Stonefly Nymph pattern you might think that they would crawl out of your hand.

This nymph designed for locating trout in fast riffles and deep pools. You can fish it year around.

Hook: Daiichi 1270 #8, #6

Weight: Lead wire

Thread: UNI 6/0

Shellback: Hemingway's Wings Buds & Body + Deer Creek UV resin

Ribbing: Gold wire

Abdomen/Thorax: Whitlock's SLF Dubbing

Legs: Hemingway's Silicone Soft Legs

Tail: Goose biot

Antennas: Goose biot


Price: 5.00 EUR

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