Foxy Alevin (Tungsten Weighted)

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Alevin is the name given to the stage of development in a Salmonidae after the embryo hatches from within the egg. The alevin breaks through the egg membrane with the yolk sac still attached beneath the throat. In this stage, which looks like a tiny little light coloured fish with an orange egg like yolk sac attached underneath the neck, the alevin which is still beneath the gravel, grows and develops using the yolk sac for nutrients and energy. The sac is slowly absorbed (“buttoned up”) into the fish as they grow. They grow slowly, even beginning to feed beneath the gravel. This stage ends typically when the alevin has absorbed the yolk sac and the diminutive fry emerges, freely swimming from the gravel.

The kicker on this pattern is the tungsten bead(egg sac) that keep the hook riding hook-point up. 

You can either fish it streamer-style or even fish it Euro nymph style giving it jerks as you drag through the drift.

Ideal for Steelhead, Salmon and Trout fishing!!

Hook: Hanak H970 BL #6, #8, #10 or Stainless Steel

Belly: Orange Tungsten bead covered with Deer Creek UV resin

Body: Fox tail & body hair

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