Brown Predator Wiggle Tail Rattled Tube Fly

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 A great innovation for pike and muskie fly anglers. These tube flies have turned conventional pike fly fishing on it’s head - A must have concept for the up-to-date pike & muskie fly angler.

Big volume but light construction are the key words for these beasts that are tied on tubes.

The predator hook rig is made according to Niklaus Bauer style to enhance your hookups with big and long tube flies.

The titanium wire allows the stinger to flex side to side with the fight of a fish but return to its straight formation afterwards.

Wiggle Tails is a smart invention developed by an Italian angler named Paolo Pacchiarini. 

Combining the lifelike action of a pulsating fly with the seductive movement of a Wiggle Tail is proven to be a deadly combo that will help you catch more fish!

Tube Fly Length: ~19 cm + Wiggle Tail

XXL Holographic Gold Wiggle Tail


Bauer Style Rig

Front Hook: Sakuma Manda 545 size #4/0

Rear Hook: Owner SSW size 1/0

Touthproof 30lb single strand Titanium wire

Magnum Plastic Rattle 26mm with 3 ball bearings

Plastic Bead

Mustad Fastach Clip sz.0

Price 25.00 EUR

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