Dark Perdigon Jig Nymph

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Perdigon nymphs designed to sink rapidly due to its tungsten head, much heavier than bronze or lead. The smooth body offers no resistance to water and its conic head with prominent thorax is enough to perfectly imitate the body of natural nymphs. Tungsten allows small perdigons to reach depths that other nymphs can’t reach, and fool trout that won’t take a large nymph. The key is to design a perdigon that reaches the depth but still drift naturally.

Perfect for Trout and Grayling.

Hook: Dohiku HDG BL - #16 #14 #12

Head: Slotted Tungsten Bead

Body: Peacock Quill

Underbody: Lead Wire + Thread

Thorax: Holographic Tinsel

Tail: Coq de Leon

Resin: Deer Creek Diamond Fine Flex UV resin

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