The Usual

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The Usual is an incredibly effective dry fly at drawing trout to the surface. Used only one material in its construction - the coarse, translucent, naturally buoyant hair drawn from the paw pad area of a snowshoe hares's foot. 

The quality associated with this pattern is not just its ability to float like a cork when properly dressed with floatant, but also its ability to be intentionally submerged below the surface and presented as an emerger or a mayfly in the process of hatching from its exoskeletal nymph stage.  Letting the fly swing downstream and pulling it under the surface is all it takes. 

This pattern also works for a multitude of mayfly hatches.

The guard hairs translucent and light refracting qualities give this pattern its amazing fish attracting potential. 

The snowshoe hare foot pad is very water-resistant which may explain why the Usual floats so well.

A great searching pattern that is buoyant and easy to see on the water.

Hook: Partridge SLD #14-#16

Thread: UNI 8/0 Fire Orange

Wing: Snowshoe Hare Foot

Tail: Snowshoe Hare Foot

Body: Snowshoe Hare Foot

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